We Service BOTH PC & MAC
Computer Trouble Shooting
We can help with error massages, freezes, lock-ups, start-up issues, hardware or software conflicts, or any other computer issues.

Computer Problem Solving
We are experienced dealing with printers, monitors, memory, wired  and wireless routers, networks, cable modems, USB, CPU motherboards and more.

System Backups / Recovery
We can take one time backup of your computer  files to your external drive. we can restore files, directories, or the entire system after any problem- including viruses, power outages, hard disk crash, file corruption, or other reasons.

Upgrades, Installations and Configuration
We install and configure operating systems, applications, security patches, upgrades.

Remote Desktop Support Service
Computer Doctor provides Remote Support Services to provide you with fast support anywhere in the world. ( $55 Per Hour - 1-Hour Minimum Applies text.
“I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!! I can’t express my gratitude enough for saving me and all my employers data. Others said it would be impossible to recover the data from our damaged hard drive, but you definitely proved them wrong. Thanks again for your professionalism and your urgent assistance to helping me through what looked like a big headache.”
- Latoya in Holmdel, NJ
“Excellent customer service right from the start from a company who knows their industry. Right from the first phone call, I knew that I was in good hands.”
- Drake in Edison, NJ
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